Learning Agreement


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Learning Agreement (LA) is an official Erasmus document, which sets out the programme of the studies to be followed abroad and must be approved by the student, the sending, and the receiving institution before the start of the exchange.

Learning Agreement is divided into three sections:


1. Before the Mobility

This section must be completed to be accepted. Home university informs students about the minimum number of ECTS credits they are supposed to achieve during the study abroad. Students fill in the table A with the codes, names, and ECTS credits of the courses they would like to attend at YTU and the table B with the ones to be replaced at the home university

The document does not guarantee that students may sign up for all the chosen courses when they arrive (See section Courses).


2. During the Mobility

Upon arrival, students may need to change some courses on their LAs because they are not available or overlap with the others (See section Courses). LA during the mobility should include the changes that students have made on the previously-listed subjects.

All changes should be indicated in Tables A2 and B2, while Tables A and B should not be modified. All Tables (A, B, A2, and B2) should be kept together in all communications. Changes to the study programme abroad should be listed in Table A2. Please refer to endnotes of LA to indicate the reason for change. Table B2 should be completed only if the changes described in Table A2 affect the group of educational components agreed in Table B. For deleted courses, tick the boxes in the column “deleted component” and for added ones, tick the boxes in the column “added component”.

After filling in the document, send your LA to your home university by e-mail to have it signed/stamped.

After receiving the signed document from the home university, send it to your Departmental Erasmus Coordinator at YTU by e-mail for signature.

Following the signature of the departmental coordinator, upload the scanned copy to your account at ytuerasmus.yildiz.edu.tr


- If you are using OLA, indicate your departmental coordinator at YTU as the responsible person so that they can sign your OLA.

- Students should make sure that the courses they registered in OBS are compatible with their Learning Agreement.


3. After the Mobility

This section of LA serves as a transcript of records. Instead of filling in this document, YTU issues its own transcript of records (See section Transcript of Records). If home university requires this section, please contact Erasmus Unit after the transcript of records is issued.