Online Learning Agreement


Online Learning Agreement (OLA) is the simplest and most convenient way to complete the Learning Agreement online, have it signed, receive comments from sending and receiving institutions, and have an overview of the final version of the documentLogging into the platform is done using the MyAcademicID proxy which currently allows students to log in using either the eduGAIN academic credentials, eIDAS or Google account.

At Yıldız Technical University, OLAs are signed by departmental (academic) coordinators. Therefore, students must indicate the e-mail address of their departmental coordinators while preparing their OLAs. Students are provided with the information of their departmental coordinator at YTU by e-mail upon their nomination, however, the up-to-date list of the coordinators can always be found here.

Please read this online learning agreement guide before you start preparing your OLA.

To watch the video guides to learn how to prepare an Online Learning Agreement, click here.

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