Student ID


All new students* are given a student ID card by the Erasmus Office when the semester begins. The cards may be handed out on the orientation day or later in exchange of a signature.


Students are required to have these cards on them at all times whilst on campus. Failure to do so may result in not obtaining access to the campus and facilities. 

Although to enter the campus and some facilities - such as the library, students just tap the card on the toll gates, to benefit from some services - such as the shuttles and the dining halls, students need to add funds (transfer money) to their cards.


* Please make sure that you upload a clear and color passport photo to your account at for your student ID card. Make sure you look straight ahead and that your face is clearly and fully visible without shady or overexposed places. Do not upload a copy of your passport or selfie.


Adding Funds to the Student ID Card

To use some of the facilities and services, you will need to pay via your student ID card. Below are some ways to add funds to your student ID.



Linking Your Student ID to İşBank Account

Students can open a free student account and link their debit/credit card with their student ID via the machines called Cüzdanmatik near the dining halls. After linking the cards, some money should be deposited to the student ID. Students interested in opening a bank account should obtain a tax number and visit the İşbank office on the campus. More information:


After opening an account, you can add funds to your student ID card through İşBank ATMs on the campuses.
İş Cep
İş Bankası has a mobile app called "İş Cep." After opening an account and adding some money to your account, you can transfer some money through mobile banking.


You can add funds to your student ID through online banking at by logining into with your OBS username and password.



Download SoliClub app to your mobile phone. Create an account with your student number and mobile phone number. Add a bank card to your account to add funds to your ID card. You can also utilize the QR code in the SOLIPAY app as your student ID card and enter the facilities by showing the code at the toll gates.

More information:



Orange Kiosks in the Dining Halls
On both campuses you can add money to your student ID card via orange-coloured touch screen kiosks in the dining halls.
Paying Cash at the Bank
Students can visit the İşBankası branches and pay cash to transfer money to your student ID card. The bankers will ask your YÖKSİS number, which begins with 98 and can be found on your student certificate.