If you wish to carry out a staff mobility at Yıldız Technical University under the Erasmus+ ICM (KA-107 or KA-171) programme:


1. There must be an active Erasmus+ agreement between your university and YTU (for teaching mobility with specific academic department).

2. You must be nominated by your university in good time for the application deadline.

3. You must have appropiate language skills.

4. You must complete the online application and submit all the duly signed documents within the deadlines.



1. Erasmus+ Agreements

Please keep in mind that at YTU each inter-institutional agreement is assigned to a specific department. Nominations outside the agreed department are not possible.

To check the inter-institutional agreements, please visit our web site



2. Nomination


The necessary data must be sent to by the responsible person at your home university by using the below document:


Minutes of Selection Committe



After you have been nominated by your home university, you will receive an e-mail with information about the online application procedure.



3. Language Skills 


Please be aware that you will need to have appropriate English or Turkish language skills if you wish to carry out a staff mobility at Yıldız Technical University. 

4. Online Application


Please see:


Please be aware that selection and nomination by the home university is not sufficient to secure a place at YTU. All candidates must submit thier application through online application tool.