Information for Trainees


Erasmus+ Traineeship Program

If you are eager to embark on a traineeship journey at Yıldız Technical University, kindly submit your application directly to the relevant department. Please note that the Erasmus Office does not facilitate traineeship placements at our university. The selection for the Erasmus+ Traineeship Program is made by your home university, and details about the scholarship requirements will be communicated by your institution.


An Erasmus+ traineeship spans a minimum of two months (60 days) and can extend up to twelve months (360 days). The exact duration is mutually agreed upon by the trainee and the hosting department at Yıldız Technical University.

Contact Information

For Erasmus+ trainees, the departmental coordinator or a supervisor at Yıldız Technical University serves as the main point of contact. You can find the list of departmental coordinators here. Additionally, the contact information for all departments can be found here.

Application Process

To apply as an Erasmus+ trainee at Yıldız Technical University, propose your traineeship to the department. If accepted, obtain an acceptance/invitation letter.

Subsequently, submit an online application through the YTU Erasmus Online Application Tool following the Erasmus Office guidelines.

The deadline for document submission is at least 4 weeks before the traineeship commences.

Required Documents

1. Acceptance/Invitation Letter from the hosting department at YTU

2. Learning Agreement for Traineeship

Initiation: Trainees initiate the process in consultation with their home university and the hosting department at Yıldız Technical University. The home university provides the necessary document for the Learning Agreement. 

Details and Objectives: The Learning Agreement outlines the specific details and objectives of the traineeship, ensuring clarity and alignment with the goals.

Weekly Work Plan: Trainees collaborate with the hosting department at Yıldız Technical University to indicate their weekly work plan within the Learning Agreement.

Signing Process: On behalf of Yıldız Technical University, the departmental coordinator or supervisor signs the Learning Agreement. All three parties involved— the trainee, the sending (home) university, and the departmental coordinator/supervisor at YTU—sign the document to signify mutual agreement.

Document Submission: The completed Learning Agreement, signed by all parties, is then uploaded as part of the application process.

3. Policy of health, accident, and liability insurance covering the traineeship: Yıldız Technical University does not provide insurance for incoming trainees. Thus, evidence of health, accident, and liability insurance must be submitted during the application process.

4. Copy of the biodata page of the passport

5. Photo for the YTU ID card

After uploading all documents, notify the Erasmus Office via email to The traineeship officially begins once the status on the online application tool changes to "accepted."

For Erasmus-related inquiries, always contact Questions about the traineeship itself should be directed to the departmental coordinators/supervisors at YTU.


Entry and Residence Regulations, Visa and Residence Permit

Erasmus+ trainees must adhere to Türkiye's entry and residence regulations based on their citizenship. All trainees, irrespective of their citizenship, are obligated to register their residence if neccessary.

Incoming Erasmus+ trainees should familiarize themselves with visa and residence permit requirements well in advance. Information can be obtained from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Turkish Consulates.

Erasmus+ Trainee Status

The Erasmus Office registers trainees, providing them with an OBS account for accessing services and the library at Yıldız Technical University. However, please note that Erasmus+ trainees do not hold student status and cannot enrol in courses. If you wish to take courses at YTU, a separate application as a regular student is required.

Erasmus Office issues an enrolment certificate and an ID card for the trainee for a seamless integration to the campus. An email outlining these procedure will be sent to the trainee by the Erasmus Office.