Information for Departments


Hosting Erasmus Trainees at Yıldız Technical University: Considerations and Guidelines

In preparation for hosting incoming Erasmus trainees, the receiving department is advised to carefully consider the following financial and strategic aspects:

Financial Considerations:

Erasmus trainees receive financial support in the form of an Erasmus scholarship, facilitated by their home university, to assist with travel and lodging expenses.

Supervision Agreement:

Teaching staff, researchers, or administrative staff within the department must agree to supervise Erasmus interns for a period ranging from 2 to 12 months (60 to 360 days), subject to departmental approval.

Learning Agreement for Traineeships:

A "Learning Agreement for Traineeships" must be signed among the trainee, their home university, and the supervisor in the department, who can be the departmental coordinator or an academic/administrative staff. This agreement adheres to the guidelines set by the EU Commission.

Academic Restrictions:

Erasmus trainees are not allowed to attend classes or enrol in courses at Yıldız Technical University during their internship. No academic credits will be granted for the internship, and interns should address any credit-related requests with their home university before the internship commences.

Traineeship Certificate:

The supervisor, as per the EU Commission's standards outlined in the Learning Agreement, commits to providing the intern with a "Traineeship Certificate" upon the completion of the internship. No additional certifications will be issued.

Insurance and Travel Documents:

It is the responsibility of the Erasmus trainees to ensure they have adequate health, accident, and liability insurance for the entire duration of their traineeship. Trainees are also accountable for their travel documents, such as passports and visas, and departments are not involved in the issuance of these documents. These guidelines aim to ensure a smooth and mutually beneficial experience for both Erasmus trainees and the hosting departments at Yıldız Technical University.