Extension of Stay


Students who have applied only for one semester may extend their Erasmus period to a whole year. Extension to the period of study abroad is only possible within the time frame of the same academic year. That is, only the fall semester students may extend their period to the spring semester.

The extension is possible upon the approval of two universities and after all the required documents are submitted. In order to apply for an extension of the stay, students must complete the extension form, which can be downloaded here. The form has to be signed by :

- student

- home university

- and the departmental coordinator at YTU

- The duly signed form must be uploaded to the applicaiton tool (https://ytuerasmus.yildiz.edu.tr/4 weeks before the fall semester ends unless a specific date is stated on the calendar: http://www.erasmus.yildiz.edu.tr/page/Erasmus--Studies-Europe/Erasmus-Calendar/470


Students should also prepare a Learning Agreement for the spring semester and upload it to the application tool within the LA changes deadline for the spring semester: http://www.erasmus.yildiz.edu.tr/page/Erasmus--Studies-Europe/Erasmus-Calendar/470

The online course registration via SIS should be completed within the period stated in the calendar: http://www.erasmus.yildiz.edu.tr/page/Erasmus--Studies-Europe/Course-Registration/468

Students should extend their residence permit and health insurance before the old ones expire: http://www.erasmus.yildiz.edu.tr/page/Erasmus--Studies-Europe/Visa-and-Residence-Permit/472 and http://www.erasmus.yildiz.edu.tr/page/Erasmus--Studies-Europe/Health-Insurance/473

The discounted student fare of the Istanbulkart may expire. If so, you can renew it simply by tapping it to the ticket machines at the stations in exchange for 5 TL. 





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