YTU cannot offer any accommodation to exchange students. Since you will be living off-campus, you will need to make your own housing arrangements.



The international students can either share an apartment with other students or stay at private dormitories. If you are looking for such alternatives, please contact ESN Yildiz and your buddies.


Apartment rentals in Istanbul can be expensive. Also, be sure to carefully read your lease or other agreements to rent an apartment before signing and make certain that you understand the terms. The owner/landlord will probably ask you for money before you move in. This is called a security deposit and it is usually set at one/two months' rent. The deposit is an amount of money that is supposed to guarantee that the tenant will care for the property and will not leave the apartment before the lease ends. If the tenant does not care for the property, wants to leave the apartment too early or clean it before leaving, the landlord has a legal right to keep the deposit. Otherwise, the landlord must return it.


We advise all exchange students to arrive at least some days before the semester starts in order to have enough time to make the necessary arrangements. Once you have settled into your accommodations for the semester, be sure to inform the Erasmus office of your address and phone number so that we know how to contact you when necessary.


- YTU has two campuses. Before you arrange your accommodation, it is important to identify the campus on which you will study. Here you can find the list of the departments and see on which campus they are:

- YTU provides shuttles on, around, and between the campuses for the students and staff. There are three destinations:
1. Davutpaşa Campus to/from Yıldız Campus
2. On Davutpaşa Campus
3. Davutpaşa Campus to/from Cevizlibağ metrobus station
All shuttle riders are asked to tap their student ID card on a reader each time they board a shuttle.

More information and timetables can be found at

Yıldız Campus is in Beşiktaş and Beşiktaş is a student friendly district. It is close to the disticts called Beyoğlu and Şişli.

How to reach?
Bus: There are many buses stopping at Yıldız Campus. For bus routes and timetables, please check and make a search by the keywords “Yildiz Teknik Universitesi Besiktas”
Metrobus: The nearest metrobus station is Zincirlikuyu. After you get off at Zincirlikuyu station, you can take a bus to reach the campus.
Ferry: Check http:
// for timetables and lines. The nearest port to the campus is Beşiktaş Port. After you disembark, you can walk up the Barbaros Blv. or take a bus/minibus to reach the campus.

Metro: To reach the campus by metro, take M7 (Yıldız - Mahmutbey) metro line and get off at “Yıldız” station. For more information about metro & railway routes:


Davutpaşa Campus is in Esenler, which is close to the districts called Bakırköy, Bahçelievler and some parts of Zeytinburnu.

How to reach?
Bus: 41AT and 85C bus lines go directly to the campus. For bus routes and timetables, please check: search by the keywords “Yildiz Teknik Universitesi Davutpasa”
Marmaray: From Kazlıçeşme marmaray station, you can take bus 85C. This bus line rides between Kazlıçeşme station and Davutpaşa Campus.
Metro: Davutpasa Campus has a metro station near the Gate A. To reach the campus by metro, take M1A (Atatürk Airport - Yenikapı) metro line (red line) and get off at “Davutpasa – YTU Campus” station. For more information about metro & railway routes:
Metrobus: Get off at Cevizlibağ station. Cross the bridge and at Cevizlibağ bus stop, to reach the campus take either bus 41AT or the shuttle.


For more information about public transportation in Istanbul: