Grant Information


Selected participants in the Erasmus Worldwide Study program from the partner unbiversities get a monthly stipend of 800 euros.
Participants who are chosen will also get a travel allowance. The distance calculation between Yıldız Technical University and the host city is done by Distance Calculator 
Distance Travel Grant
20-99 km 20 €
100-499 km 180 €
500-1999 km 275 €
2000- 2999 km 360 €
3000-3999 km 530 €
4000- 7999 km 820 €
8000 km an
1.500 €
The linear distance between the cities where the university of origin and the host university are located is represented by these unit costs.This is calculated automatically by a European Commission website and is not changable. The amount of financial assistance provided is the maximum authorized by the Erasmus Program, and it is designed to help with the round travel between the home and host universities. If the allotted value is inadequate to cover the cost of the intended trip, the scholarship recipient must seek additional money elsewhere. The travel allowance is not paid before the student arrives at Yıldız Technical University.
After the student arrives at Yildiz Technical University and completes the paper work (submission of tax number, bank accout, travel docs), a grant contract will be prepared by YTU Erasmus Office and sent to the student.  The contract needs to be signed by the student and the YTU representative. After both signatures have been completed, the payment will be done in 30 days to the Euro account the student provided. 
The total amount of the grant is calculated according to the planned mobility stated on the Letter of Acceptance and the travel allowance calculated by distance calculator. Accordingly an initial payment which is 80% of the estimated total amount of the grant (monthly stipend and travel together) is paid in EURO to the students’ name in Ziraat Bank. The remaining 20% is paid at the end of the mobility, once the student successfully completes the semester and completes the paperwork.
If the real mobility dates are different than the planned ones at the beginning of the mobility, the grant is re-calculated and paid accordingly. Since the student will use a Turkish bank (Ziraat Bankası) to withdraw her/his money, he/she needs to make sure to complete all the returning procedures before leaving Turkey. 

If the participant fails to provide the required documentation after the mobility in accordance with the conditions of the agreement, 20% of the total grant will be deducted depending on the entire duration of the mobility.

If the participant does not complete the online final report after mobility, 5% of the total grant based on total duration of mobility shall be deducted.

If a student leaves the host organization/country for more than 7 days (including weekends, excluding official holidays and breaks), student is not paid for that duration. If the student was paid for those days, then he/she is asked to return that amount to Yıldız Tehnical University.

If a student returns home country before the end of the mobility period, the student will only receive the grant for valid days of mobility. If the stays is fewer than 90 days, the students will be asked to return the initial grant (80 percent) back to Yıldız Tehnical University.

If the student returns home without getting in touch with YTU Erasmus Office first, then the mobility will be considered as invalid and the student will be asked to return the initial grant (80 percent) back to Yıldız Tehnical University.