General Information

General Information

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (ICM), also known as KA-107 or KA-171, allows both academic and administrative staff of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to carry out mobilities from a Programme Country to a Partner Country or vice versa.

Erasmus+ staff mobility, which is expected to contribute to the overall priorities of Erasmus+, the EU Agenda for Modernisation of Higher Education and the individual HEIs international strategy, can be in two forms;

  • Staff Mobility for Teaching Assignments (STA)
  • Staff Mobility for Training (STT)

Staff Mobility for Teaching Assignments (STA)

This mobility type allows academic staff of HEIs to carry out a teaching activity which has to be comprised of 8 hours of teaching per week (or any shorter period of stay but not less than 5 days). If the mobility lasts longer than one week, the minimum number of teaching hours for an incomplete week should be proportional to the duration of that week. Teaching Assignments might include a variety of activities such as lecturing, hands-on teaching activities, giving a seminar and organizing a workshop.

Staff Mobility for Training (STT)

This mobility type allows administrative staff of HEIs to carry out a training activity which supports the professional development of staff, in terms of the transfer of knowledge and good practice, learning from shared experience and the acquisition of new practical skills. Training events might include job-shadowing, observation, a short secondment period, attendance at workshops or staff training weeks.

*Training events do not include conferences.

Staff Mobility-Duration

According to Erasmus+ program rules, duration of staff mobility (Teaching/Training) ranges from 5 days to 2 months (max.) excluding travel time. However, as the Program budget allocated to YTU changes every year, the maximum duration of the teaching mobility may subject to change.

Staff Mobility-Conditions

To carry out a staff mobility at YTU in the framework of Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (KA-107 or KA-171), there needs to be an inter-institutional agreement between home and the host university in the relevant department.

Accordingly, the staff, first, apply to their home university according to the conditions, quota and other requirements stated by Yildiz Technical University and their own regulations by not violating the Erasmus Charter principles, which are;

“Respect in full the principles of non-discrimination and to promote and ensure equal access and opportunities to mobile participants from all backgrounds, in particular disadvantaged or vulnerable groups; apply a selection process that is fair, transparent and documented, ensuring equal opportunities to participants eligible for mobility."

Each year quota and requirements may change depending on the conditions of the relevant academic year and project circumstances.

Application requirements (to be clearly defined in the call of relevant project year):

  • to be a full time academic staff (for STA) or administrative staff (for STT) at HEIs
  • to have sufficient English proficiency
  • to have other requirements set by home university
  • to have been selected and nominated by home university to YTU


Staff Mobility-Financial Support

Mobility grants for incoming staff are provided as contributions towards subsistence and travel. Staff subsistence and travel costs are paid as flat rates, regardless of pays on receipted expenditure. An HEI can aware funding for up to 2 travel days. If the staff member is participating in activities on the same day as travelling, they are not entitled to a travel day. Please note, travel days are not included within the minimum duration.

The financial support detail for the participants of staff mobility from a partner country to Türkiye is as below;

Individual support

Travel grant

Amount per participant per day:

up to 14 days 140 € (daily)

15-60 days = 98 € (daily)

Rule of allocation:
based on the duration of the stay per participant, including also one travel day before the activity and one travel day following the activity.


Between 10 and 99 km: 20 €

Between 100 and 499 km: 180 EUR €
Between 500 and 1.999 km: 275 EUR €
Between 2.000 and 2.999 km: 360 EUR €
Between 3.000 and 3.999 km: 530 EUR €
Between 4.000 and 7.999 km: 820 €
8.000 km or more: 1.500 €
* The distance calculator is used to determine the distance between the location where the staff is residing and the place of activity. The kilometers in distance calculated by the distance calculator corresponds to the round-trip and the amount does not get multiplied by two.


Staff Mobility-Implementation

YTU inform the partner universities about the quota, requirements, dates, grants and paperwork for the relevant project year.

Accordingly, partner universities open a call for application with the provided information.

Partner universities process all applications and complete the selection of candidates in compliance with the criteria defined and keeping in mind the Erasmus Charter principles.

Then, partner universities, sends YTU the list of applicants (including all) and the selection/nomination list (the ones met the criteria within the quota).

YTU, informs the selected/nominated staff about the application procedure.

Only the nominated staff can apply to YTU through online application system by completing the information and uploading required documents.

YTU process only the completed applications and approve them by providing supportive documents.