Online Courses



Courses are taught through a range of methods including lectures, seminars, studio and laboratory sessions, group discussions and projects, individual research projects, class presentations, case studies and industry based projects develop your own mature self-directed learning habits.

Courses can be conducted on-site (face-to-face), remote (online) or hybrid (combination of face-to-face and online).



Conduction method of the courses are stated on the OBS.

Online courses are lectured at


To attend the online courses:

Download Zoom to your computer: 

Go to

For the account type, choose “student”

Login with your YTU student email address and its password

On the opening page, you will see the courses registered in your OBS account

To attend an online course, click on the arrow on the right top of a course and choose the “online course” (TR, canlı ders) option in the drop-down menu

When the course info page appears, click on “attend the class” (TR, derse katıl) button.

Online education system is served by UZEM unit. You can visit their website for further information at or e-mail them for technical problems at


The online course system is synchronised with the OBS by UZEM on the specific days stated on the academic calendar.

For the courses to be appear on the tool, students must complete the online course registration within the period stated on the academic calendar.