Assessments vary from class to class. They may consist of a 100% exam or a division of marks between assessments and mid-term(s)/final examination.

For each course, the number of midterms, homework/papers, projects, presentations, discussions, and other work that the students are responsible for, the weight of these on the semester grade, and qualification requirements for the semester final examination, deadlines, attendance policy are determined by the faculty member and announced to the students in the first lecture.

Exams are conducted in the official language of instruction of the course.

Erasmus students are assessed in the same way as all other students on the same course. This means that they must sit examinations and complete the tasks set by the academic department offering the course. If they do not do so, they fail. 

The due dates are announced by the instructors. The final examination period usually covers the last two weeks following the teaching period of each semester. See the academic calendar for exact dates.

Exam grades are submitted to OBS by the instructors. Students can check their grades on their OBS accounts.



Students passing a course with the lowest grade (DC) or failing a course with grades DD, FD, FF can take a resit exam at the end of the semester. 

Students who fail due to absence with the grade F0 cannot take the resit.

Resit exam dates are announced in the academic calendar.