Student Email


Electronic mail is the official means of campus-wide communication. All students, faculty, and staff are required to read and monitor their university e-mail account. Important information and news is sent to your student e-mail account.


E-mail address and Password

Students receive their student e-mail address and its password by an e-mail sent by IT to their personal e-mail addresses they stated while making their online Erasmus application at

If you do not remember the e-mail address you have stated, you can login to your account at and check the "Personal Information" section.


TIP: your e-mail address looks like this:
Learning Your E-mail Address & Password
Student e-mail credentials are sent to the students’ personal e-mail addresses by the IT (personal e-mail: the address provided during the online Erasmus application at
Activate your e-mail account
Go to:
Type the email addrees and the password you received from the IT
On the first login, you may be prompted to set a permanent password
Technical Problems
If you haven't received an email from IT or face issues with your email account/password, contact the IT unit by openning a ticket at
When opening a ticket, for the "T.C. Number / Citizenship Number" field, use your YÖKSİS number, located on your student certificate. You can find yourstudent number on your student certificate in the documents section at