Residence Permit



The residence permit application procedure is determined by the Directorate General of Migration Management under the Ministry of Interior. Universities and Erasmus offices do not have authority over application documents, procedures, and evaluation processes. Students can directly contact the Directorate General of Migration Management for questions regarding these matters.

When to Apply?

For mobilities longer than three months (90 days), all foreign students need toapply for a residence permit for studies within the legal period regardless of theircitizenship.For the extension application, students must apply 2 months (60 days) before theexpiration of the old residence permit.


The steps of the residence permit application are as follows:

  1. Online application by the student at
  2. Providing fingerprints at the immigration office
  3. Submission of documents by the student to the YTU Student Affairs (Davutpaşa Campus, Taşbina, International Students Office, room A-1018*)
  4. Submission of the documents by YTU to the immigration office
  5. Formal file check by the immigration office
  6. In case of missing documents, the student submits the missing document to the university, and the university delivers it to the immigration office
  7. If the student's application is approved, the immigration office sends the residence permit card to the address specified in the online application**

* For up-to-date information, students should check the International Student Affairs Unit's website.

** Until students receive their residence permit cards, they should regularly check the information sent to the email addresses provided during online application and/or phone SMS notifications. Moreover, students can track their application status at



Click here to see the up-to-date list of documents required by the Directorate. (You can change the language of the page on the top right corner)

  1. Residence permit application form (to be downloaded and signed by the student after filled in at
  2. Passport (original and the copy of the bio-data, visa, stamped pages)
  3. Student certificate (enrolment letter)
  4. 4 biometric photos
  5. Valid health insurance covering the whole mobility period (with the law no. 5510 on Social Insurance and General Health Insurance, students can obtain a general health insurance within 3 (three) months from the date of university enrolment or a private health insurance)
  6. Document indicating the address of stay
    1. If staying at one's own residence, a copy of the title deed (a "residence certificate" is sufficient for extension applications)
    2. If staying with a lease agreement, a notarized copy of the lease agreement
    3. If staying in hotels or similar places, a document indicating the stay
    4. If staying in a student dormitory, a document indicating residence in the dormitory
    5. If staying with a sponsor, a notarized commitment from the sponsor (if the sponsor is married, also a notarized commitment from the spouse)
  7. Receipt confirming the payment of the residence permit fee (To be able to pay the card fee, students first get a tax number: Instructions to get the tax number and steps to be followed to pay the card fee can be found here.)
  8. Photocopy of Residence Permit Card (ONLY for extension applications)

More information about the documents can always be found at (you can change the language of the webpage on the top-right corner).



  1. Document Collection and Submission to the University

When creating the student residence permit application file, the student prepares the above-mentioned documents.The student submits the documents to the university representative and a declaration of completeness is signed by the representative and the student.

  1. Submission of Application Documents to the Immigration Office by the University 

Institutions submit the student's application documents to the provincial immigration office within 15 (fifteen) days from the student's residence permit application date.

  1. Missing Documents

If the provincial immigration directorate detects and reports deficiencies in the submitted documents, the relevant institution sends the missing document to the provincial immigration office within 30 (thirty) days from the date of notification to the international student.

  1. Fingerprints

Fingerprint records of students are taken in accordance with the procedures determined by the Directorate General of Migration Management.

  1. Evaluation

The residence permit application is evaluated by the Directorate General of Migration Management.

  1. Sending the Residence Permit Card

In case of approval, the card is sent to the address specified by the student in the online application at


Contact Information of the Directorate

Students can always dial 1-5-7 for the call centre of the Directorate for further infomation and their questions.

If you do not have a Turkish number, you can dial +90 312 157 11 22

You can also visit or contact them through whatsapp at +90 312 422 04 00