Bank account

Bank Account : 

If you need to have a bank account to manage financial issues, first of all, you need a tax number and then you can open a bank account by visiting a bank with your tax number and passport. There are two banks on campus one is Ziraat Bank and the other is İş Bank. 

To utilise and add funds to the student ID card, all students need to open an account from İş Bank, which can be obtained free of charge.

In particular the ones who carry out their mobilities in the scope of ICM (KA-107/KA-171/non-European) need to have a bank account (Euro) from Ziraat BankThe grant transfer can only be done to Ziraat Bank. Those, having grant from YTU, go to a Ziraat bank branch with your passport and tax number and open a bank account (Euro). the bank will give you a little red carton of bankbook. Scan and upload the bankbook to the Application tool. 

For the locations of the banks Click on the Bank Icons.